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Experience the World through Flavor

I first learned to cook and bake growing up as a Lebanese girl in Hawaii. My love for rich flavors and spices led me to seek out new recipes wherever I lived, from the zesty Mexican flavors of Southern California to the comforting warmth of Soul Food in Virginia. 

My friends describe my baking style as a reflection of me. I bring to each bake a kaleidoscope of different influences, constantly swirling together in exciting new combinations that are unpredictable, but that consistently work.

The aesthetics of my bakes also reflect this approach, incorporating both worldly and local inspirations from Japanese Washi Paper, to sun shining through the trees in my Virginia backyard, to the intricate carvings surrounding the doorway to a mosque.

Nothing gives me greater joy than making someone's day special. I promise to bring both my passion and perfectionism to ensure your bakes look and taste fantastic. 

"intense preparation, a critical eye, and a fierce attention to detail."

"a kaleidoscope...constantly swirling in exciting new combinations"

"I promise to ensure your bakes look and taste fantastic."